IN-DEPTH NIGHT – Electronic Music Production

Good evening, and welcome to my blog! My name is Tiffany, and for in-depth 2020, I decided to learn electronic music production. I chose this topic mainly because last year, when I did music composition and songwriting, I had very minimal knowledge about using application for music production. Because of this, many of my backtracks... Continue Reading →


1. Provide us with another progress report since post #5. Since the last in-depth post, I have not made that much progress; I have been mainly brainstorming and thinking about what I will do for my final in-depth post. Another thing that I have been doing is also brainstorming and working on my next project... Continue Reading →


During the past few weeks, I have been working hard on my in-depth project. I've had a meeting with my mentor, Sherry, to discuss my progress and upcoming projects. During the time between the last in-depth post and this one, I have completed another project. For ZIP, I did children's story writing and made a... Continue Reading →


Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, my progress for in-depth has not been slowing down. I decided to take advantage of this social distancing / quarantine period and use it for in-depth. I am happy to say that I have indeed made a lot of progress! For starters, I have made my very first Lo-fi track (click... Continue Reading →


My progress from last week has been moving at a pretty moderate speed. After taking two weeks to do some more research and deciding what I want to focus on specifically for in-depth, I met with my mentor, Sherry, again. I have decided to first, work on producing Lo-fi style music, as it is my... Continue Reading →


After reminiscing last year's in-depth, I suddenly remembered my struggle of finding a mentor, which was arguably the hardest obstacle from last year. However, this year, I made it my goal to avoid what happened last year and to try my absolute best to find a mentor in the allotted time given for us to... Continue Reading →


I cannot believe that time has travelled by so fast; I am writing the first blog post of 2020! For this year's in-depth project, I will be studying electronic music production. Electronic music production is the process of producing music using digital applications, such as GarageBand, or Audacity. The music created can be of any... Continue Reading →

Interview Takeaways

The three most important takeaways from the interview I had with an entrepreneur are: Converting ideas into real business plans can and will be a challenge. However, it is more rewarding than challenging. You must be prepared to put in extra effort in this field, as it depends on the situation of your business. On... Continue Reading →


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